Alkainos Wyrm

I realise I haven’t updated in a while, so this is just a quick post to update on progress and introduce the beginning of my new game: Wyrm Slayer – An Alkainos Micro Adventure….

The original purpose of developing a world like Alkainos was to provide a rich, consistent and cohesive background setting for games that I wanted to develop (on mobile and voice platforms). I’ve made some initial steps into developing the world – I’ve got a rough map, fairly detailed creation story and ideas of key themes, but am still trying to decide on a million other questions that float around my head in the few rare quiet moments of each day (having a one year old certainly curtails productivity).

Time is my main issue at the moment. Having a one year old child (who is having a sickly winter this year), and a bunch of other commitments means that spare time to spend on fantasy world development is in short supply. Coupled with that is that when you do get spare time – what do you focus on? World building or game development? You don’t of course need a fully developed world to start building games, but at the same time you don’t want to introduce ideas into the game that don’t stand up when the wider world is fleshed out.

I’ve been taking the approach that I just do what I feel like at any given moment for now. Just keep slapping little bits of clay onto the statue – it doesn’t matter where for now, each bit takes you a tiny bit closer to the goal. When I start to get more free time I can get a bit more organised with things.

Those little pieces of clay have been mainly world building oriented of late – so I thought it was time to pick up the game development side of things again.

I have a game engine already developed (it’s developed in Java for now – which will work on Android and Alexa). I just need to create the stories to feed into. I’d half started a couple. I had a rough idea of the tone of them, but no real overall plan – they had started growing organically. They were also a bit ambitious in scope. Which is why they have basically stalled.

I’ve learnt over the years of developing software (and other things) – that as a solo player, you really have to (a) keep it simple and (b) deliver stuff. They go hand in hand of course – but they key thing is to deliver a ‘thing’. A realistic ‘thing’. It may not be the all singing and dancing ‘thing’ you have in your minds eye – but it’s a stepping stone. Getting the small ‘thing'(s) out the door builds up momentum and positive feedback that means you might, just might, eventually get your big ‘thing’ out there (so to speak..).

So, with that in mind I’ve gone back to the drawing board and come up with a pretty simple adventure, I’m tentatively calling ‘Wyrm Slayer’. I’m categorising it as a ‘micro adventure’ to manage expectations (even though it will be free – a concept many app store reviewers don’t seem to be able to factor into their reviews sometimes).

I’m hoping it will exercise a lot of features of my engine and help to flesh out bugs and improvements.

At this stage – I’m intentionally keeping it pretty run of the mill fantasy. It’s going to be set in Ostein, and the clue to the overall aim of the game is in the title..

Please watch this space (or even better – sign up to the newsletter) for more information as it develops. Once of my goals is to keep updating this blog more (it’s a bit of shouting into the void at present – which is understandable until I get some games out there 😉

Wyrm Slayer – An Alkainos Micro Adventure (Work in Progress)