Welcome to the world of the Forsaken Realms. A world where the veil between the living and dead grows ever thinner. Beyond The Veil, the souls of the dead have long been denied ascendency to the afterlife since the gods departed the lands and the gateway to salvation was sealed. The spirits grow ever restless, tormented by their lack of redemption..

The World of Alkainos

The history of these lands is haunted by the ghosts of Empire. A golden empire that turned black, and was ultimately defeated by the free kingdoms that now rule in its stead. The kingdoms have enjoyed centuries of relative peace, but it’s a fragile peace at best, and now one that is threatened by stirrings of ghosts past.

The evil of the old Empire was too strong to be destroyed completely, and it’s blackened heart has laid dormant, long contained in the ancient Imperial capital of Varchul Regat by a great wall, which surrounds the old city, manned in sections by forces from each of the kingdoms of the old League. Many adventures are allowed passage into the city, seeking wealth and knowledge, but few ever return.

In times of Empire, those that could connect between the worlds and see beyond the veil were held in highest regard. Since the Fall, they have been less so. In some kingdoms they are persecuted, in other suffered, and in a select few – still valued.

My World Building Project

Alkainos is my pet world-building project. It’s in a state of flux and evolving all the time. If you want to find out a bit more about the background behind it and me – check out my About Me page.

The reason the world came into being in the first place was to provide a backdrop for the adventure games I’m developing. You can read more about those on my Games page.

I’m also planning on writing some short pieces of fiction to flesh out the background and flavour of the world more – I will be posting those as blog posts with a Story category.

As the world develops – I will build up a Knowledge Base of information as I go.

I plan to keep on developing the world for years, and blog about my progress as I go. If you are at all interested in the development of the world, or fantasy and world building generally, please sign up for my newsletter for regular updates on my progress.


The World of Alkainos