I’ve just completed my first short story set int he world of Alkainos. Well, when I say ‘completed’ I really mean ‘finished tinkering for now’.

You can read it (and download a PDF version) here: ‘Fastaus – A Cautionary Tale’.

I could keep re-reading, tinkering and improving – but I think it’s fit enough to put to one side and move on to another one. I’m quite happy with it to be honest – it’s the first story I’ve written since, probably primary school and I really enjoyed the process of doing it.

I’d like to write a lot more – each given little insights into life in the world of Alkainos – helping to add some meat to the world give it more depth and shape. If I can continue creating more stories and improving my skill – I’d like to compile the best of them into an e-book in the future – ‘Tales of Alkainos’ or something similar.

I used Scrivener to write it. It’s a really great tool for organising your story and making adjustments to structure on the fly. I can see in the future I’ll have various stories in different stages of development on the go concurrently, and having a tool like Scrivener will be invaluable in keeping things organised (especially when the same characters start turning up in different tales).

It was inspired by Doctor Faustus (Christopher Marlowe) – a 16th century play about a man who sells his soul for earthly pleasure (my wife is studying it for an Open University course). In the play Faustus is a successful Doctor. I wondered what it would be like if an unsuccessful man had the same choice, and I guess the short story grew from there.

The title, ‘A Cautionary Tale’ is in honour of the excellent song of the same name by Sabbatt written about Doctor Faustus.

Please give it a read, and let me know what you think.

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Short Story: A Cautionary Tale