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Varya was a relatively small state which lay between present day Karpavia and Ostland

Following the failed Achsharan invasion, Varyas power and influence grew meteorically. Although a relatively small kingdom at the outset of the war, they somehow had managed to tame and control the giant Wyrms that dwelled in the [TODO] mountains and use them in battle. These armoured giants were enough to turn the tide of the battle when it came to Varya.

The war had left Ostland and Karpavia weak, and the western kingdoms eyed the territory and vacuum. The Varyan king was very strong, took first Karpavia and then Ostland under his protection. The new Varyan empire rapidly went from strength to strength.

Their expansion was met with varying degrees of resistance. Once they occupied kingdoms, they treated the populous well, and generally made great improvements in infrastructure, in return for each kingdom pledging allegiance to the Emperor.

Their empire stretched from the ocean to the spine mountains.

They brought a common language – Varyan – to the continent, a descendent of which, known as the common tongue is widely used across the continent.

Using the beasts under their control they were able to perform great engineering feats that would otherwise be impossible, and they left their mark across the continent.

Wonders of Varya

  • The Varyan capital of Varchul Regat
    • Their greatest work – a city they created as a new capital, carved into the mountain side where no city had been before,
  • The Citadel and bridges of Bal Magna
  • The Great Library at Aacheim
  • Others…

After hundreds of years, things started to go darker. Prisoners from the kingdoms were ferried to Varchul Regat in their masses, never to return. The Emperors eye drew inward and the armies left the provinces. Rogue elements filled the vacuum and civil wars erupted. Kingdoms declared independence.

After a time, the legions of Varya emerged once more. Darker, adopting different liveries. Merciless in taking back the empire by force. This time resistance was fierce. The western kingdoms were being pushed back to western Balcia and Aquistria and eventually formed an alliance), a league where they joined forces and pooled their forces (with Pavian troops and those from Taranus) in the west. Meanwhile armies from Ostland and sympathetic forces in the east gathered in the belt

The Varyan Empire
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