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The physical world of Alkainos is only one of three that exist in the universe. Well, four actually is we expand our definition of the ‘universe’..

The Physical World

  • Alkainos itself. The kingdoms of men.

The God Realms

  • The realm of the Gods.
  • Inaccessible to man directly.

The Nether World (Beyond The Veil)

  • This is the plane that intersects the physical world and god realms.
  • Souls of the dead pass from the physical world to here, where they wait until Demorax judges them and decide whether they are pure to pass back to Creation, or need to return in another form to the physical realm
  • Some souls have been here for centuries. Anything is possible in this realm, souls have the power to create things from their very will. The most powerful ones make the largest creations, wild, impossible castles, cities, even entire realms. Unbeknownst to them, their time in this realm of limitless potential is also used by the Gods to judge the worthiness of the soul.
  • It is separated from the physical world by ‘The Veil’. This can be penetrated from the physical realm under the right conditions (not physically usually, but by projection)
  • It is also possible for creatures from this realm to make their presence felt in the physical, and occasionally pass through.


  • Beyond the realm of the gods lies creation itself, accessible only through the Veda Gate.
  • This is the realm of the Vortumni, the creators. Virgin souls are passed through to the God Realm, and after a time in the physical realms, if deemed worthy, they may pass back to Creation. For what purpose – who knows?..
The Three Worlds
Last Updated On October 21, 2017