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The greatest city that ever was.


The ancient capital of the Varyan Empire. A vast city nestled at the foot of the mountains. The scene of the last battle (a battle that never ended).

The city delved deep into the mountain, where the great veil gates were assembled in magnificent vaulted caverns. Ringed in godstone, they were used to summon the spirits and deamons from the other side for the emperors armies.

The allied forces of the League (and others) pressed the war back to this last line of defence. They attempted to storm the city, but it was so well designed and defended it proved impossible to break fully. Many times they tried to storm the city, and many many men died at each attempt. All the while the Veil gates were summoning more daemons to the cause.

In the end – another party managed to blow up the caverns, destroying the veil gates (or at least the largest/main ones) – to be decided how/who….

Even with this, the forces had lost the stomach to keep taking casualties when the war was effectively won. Different commanders had different opinions, but ultimately it was decided to set up a containment ring around the city while they considered options.

Years passed and the ring became a wooden wall as they effectively defeated various attempts at the enemy to break through. The wooden wall then became a stone one, divided into sections, each manned by troops from one of the league kingdoms. This is how it is left to this day – no decision was ever made to try and retake the city, though many expeditions enter (and few ever leave) – in the search for treasure, or even Godstone.

The City Today

The city contains a varied mix of inhabitants

  • The Trade Enclaves
    • Each of the different wall sections stationed by one of the kingdoms troops has a main gate. Inside the city, around this gate has developed mini cities within the main city. The innocent inhabitants of the city huddled together for safety in the early days, as far from the city core as possible. The found sanctuary by the walls under the watchful eyes of the troops. Forbidden to let people out, they nevertheless took some pity on them and help fend off attacks by other denizens of the city. They also traded food and building implements in return for information and artefacts. Having these enclaves build their own defences within the city also made their gate defences stronger. They are generally on decent terms with the enclave leaders, even though the only people allowed to leave are those who have been given permission to enter
  • The Inner City Gangs
    • The rest of the city is sparsely populated, and ruled over by different gangs.
    • Food and water are prized commodities, and well points are highly fought over assets. Trade goes on within the gangs – some gangs have cultivated areas of the city for food (using slave labour), and livestock is kept.
    • Raids on the trade enclaves are quite common – with mixed results
  • Inside the Mountain
    • The entrance to the mountain complex is through the ruined Temple
    • The imperial cult still rules here – feared by the gangs and trade enclave alike.
    • They have relationships with certain gangs – they need slaves to dig out the Godstone in the collapsed caverns.
    • Mining and tunnelling are prized skills – numerous small tunnels exist that bypass the wall. These are occasionally found and filled in. Now bigger tunnels have been undertaken that go deeper into the mountain range to provide exits away from the wall

Lulled into a false sense of security

  • Those manning the walls have long forgotten the horrors that too place that required the wall to go up (even though the tales of this permeate all through society)
  • A friendly(ish) relationship exists with the enclaves, and the wardens seldom venture deeper into the city. Every once in a while a minor noble from one of the kingdoms will assemble a force to venture into the city for glory and wealth – but these seldom re-appear.
Varchul Regat – The City of the Damned
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