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The Free Isles lie just off the north west coast of the continent, over the [XXX Straights] from Sarmatra.


There is a deep, secure port on the main island, and on the steep cliffs surrounding Bartuga Bay lies the Port Bartuga (also known as HellsPort/City of Thieves), the capital city. Any vessel is welcome to dock (at a price), and all are welcome if they can pay their way. To gain entry to the main city you need to pay a price, and show you carry money.

The main city is split into 7 regions. Each region comes under the leadership of one of the gangs, each of which has it’s own boss.¬†There is much intrigue and backstabbing going on between the factions, but never all out war – that is the first guideline in the codes of conduct – for all out war threatens all of the members – if one member attacked another, the rest would gang up and attack them. However, all else goes – all is fair…


They have a policy of no rules in place Рdo what thou wilt. However, in reality there is a certain code of conduct which is adhered to, and strictly enforced.






They have always kept strictly neutral in any conflicts on the mainland. Each of the gangs has their own ways of making money, most of them take part in, or sponsor piracy and looting of some form or another.

Any attack on them has always failed due to the commanding harbour position. The city is hard to reach by any other means than by the sea due to the steep cliffs surrounding it.

Blockades have been attempted in the past – but they have always found ways around them, or just sat them out. They keep the caves under the cliffs well stocked with supplied for just such an eventuality. It is in times of blockade the gangs look after their own. Outsiders are the first to starve



The Free Isles
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