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The Black Dawn is a cult comprised in the main from nobility across the various kingdoms of Alkainos (and their lackies).

New members are usually lesser nobles who are unlikely to assume power and howd some sort of grudge. They are recruited by existing members, and join initially with promises of power in return for certain ‘favours’.

Although the cult is small, it’s influence is strong and an individual member can quite easily change the course of history.

The true nature of the cult is gradually revealed to the new member over time, usually once they are past the point of return (and the cult has damning evidence on them). Most throw themselves wholeheartedly into the cult, as they have been chosen carefully and their goals are aligned. Those that do not generally meet with some sort of ‘accident’ soon after.

The cult worships the daemon Gal Kashek, and their main aim is to bring him into the physical realm, as a precursor to the final return of the Mother of Darkness .

The existence of the cult is known, and is investigated by hunter organisations such as the Daughters of Demorax. But it’s hard to break into the circle of nobility and pursue any investigation directly, so they watch at the fringes, waiting for plays to be made when they can act.

The Black Dawn
Last Updated On October 22, 2017