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‘Alchemist’ is a general term covering a number of different types of practitioners:

  • Mystics
    • General catch-all – largely charlatans
  • Potion Makers
    • Mix of charlatans and genuine herbal remedies
  • Protoscientists
    • Black Powder
    • Machines
  • Necromancers/Sprititualists
    • Custodians of the old knowledge from the Old Empire days
    • The practice was officially outlawed in Balcia some years after the defeat of the old empire
    • The old order went underground – it’s members spread across the kingdom, adopting whatever guise they felt best to continue the practice in secret. Most became ‘Alchemists’ – playing the role of bumbling charlatan to avoid the gaze of the authorities. It allowed them to keep certain items of paraphernalia and behave strangely without too much notice.
    • What about the ‘witch hunters’?… Perhaps they are not Balcian – Balcia takes a pretty relaxed view, happy to turn a blind eye as long as things are running smoothly

Notable Alchemists

  • Arundel Alfredsun
  • Kenelm Dryden
    • An old alchemist living out in the country near the village of Fenfield, just past the town of Rothbury on the River Tye.
The Balcian Alchemists
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