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All Magic is related to the world beyond the Veil


  • The easiest – allows someone to communicate with an entity beyond the veil
  • easiest is non-specific entity – this is dangerous as you don’t know what you are dealing with
  • harder is trying to communicate with a specific one
  • Vestlanders are masters at this – it is baked into their religion – talking with spirits and ancestors

Binder/Possession (Animal)

  • Summons a spirit and binds it to an animal host
  • Difficult
  • Vestlanders are quite good at this
  • The old Empire used them to help bind spirits to animals to help in the construction of some of the fabulous architecture

Binder/Possession (Human)

  • Summons a spirit and binds it to a human host
  • Easier if host is willing

Binder/Possession (Construct)

  • Very esoteric (and largely lost) art – can bind to material/mechanical constructs
  • The Empire pioneered this
Magic and The Veil
Last Updated On June 09, 2017