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The Age of Gods

  • When the gods took an active interest in the lives of men
  • For thousands of years, kingdoms rose and fell and the gods watched and played their part
  • They tested the souls of men through all this, and kept technological advancements in check
  • Great beasts roamed the land, and the population was kept relatively contained
  • [Analogous to mythological ages of our own world]

The Ages of Men

Pre-Imperial Days

  • Gradually, the gods receded from actively manipulating the worlds of men
  • They were still worshipped, but stayed at a distance. Who knows whether this was by design, or whether they grew bored or were distracted by other matters
  • Populations expanded, and technology advanced
  • Many ancient beasts were slain, and great cities created
  • Wars ran unchecked by the gods and nations were constantly fighting in the West.
  • To the East of the Spine mountains, a great ruler was uniting the various tribes with an eye on hte spoils in the west

Golden Age of Empire

  • The threat from the East eventually materialised as a series of invasion attempts.
  • One of the western kingdoms became the lynchpin of the defence, and other rallied to their banner after a great ruler appeard
  • Dynasty of one family – culminating in the god king who reigned for 200 years
  • The Dynasty had a palantir or some device that allowed them to communicate with the Veil – helped by a Vestland mystic (if you looked at old pictures – his hand was actually behind the whole dynasty – he was a veil carrier and immortal – he was in communication with the Mother of Darkness who used him to guide the Emperor hand)
  • Towards the end – started going darker as the last Emperor completed his great work – the building of a portal to bring a physical manifestation of Mother of Darkness between the worlds
  • At the same time, the Emperor made gifts of symbolic copies of the Veda gate to each of the kingdoms. The Veda gate and symbol were a common icon of good luck, and the Emperors gifts were 10ft high gold and jewell encrusted ones.
  • [Analogous to Roman Empire]

Dark Age of Empire

  • Last Emperor was guided by Mother of Darkness through the veil
  • For a period of one hundred years, the Varyan empire went into decline as their forces withdrew back to Varya.
  • The Kingdoms slowly started to flex their muscle again in the vacuum, leading to most declaring independence from the Empire.
  • When the Mother of Darkness entered the word the forces of Varya were being changed into something much darker, and again retook control of their empire.
  • There was bitter fighting, but the gifts of the Veda gates were actually portals which the Emperor could use to bring forth dark forces from beyond the Veil meant that resistance was quickly overcome
  • The Emperor took control again, and dark days followed
  • [Analogous to End of Roman Empire/Dark Ages]

The Great War

  • The free kingdoms forces rallied in the far west of the continent, in western Balcia and Aquistria
  • They managed to recruit others to their cause over time as the darkness of Varya became more apparent – Taranus, the Southern Belt, Bythinia (even Achshara).
  • War sprung up across the land as they fought back against the Empire, ultimately defeating it.

The Current Age

  • The war devastated the continent, and set back progress by hundreds of years.
  • Eventually though, new kingdoms were formed and the horrors of the old Empire were largely contained in the far East, centered around the lands of the ancient capital of Varchul Regat, now sitting between the kingdoms of Karpavia and Ostland.
  • A great containing wall rings the ancient city, manned in four quarters by troops from the kingdoms of Karpavia, Ostland, Balcia and Aquistria.
  • [Analogous to 15th/16th century Europe – Renaissance]



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