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The Creation

Before there was anything, there was nothing. The first creation was the Vedi Gate. This was created by the Vedovi.

The first thing to emerge from the Vedi Gate was Avarrashkesha – a primal being sent by the Vedovi, taking the form of a giant Octopus. Avarreshkesha swam in the void, injecting ink which over time coalesced into the raw material of the realm of the gods. Following this creation, Avarrashkesha died, it’s body forming the material for the realm of men. When its soul departed, it did not return through the Vedi Gate, taking form in the void to create the Afterlife, joining the realms of the men and the gods.

Into this swirling chaos stepped Xanthos. A Vedovi. The only humans who have ever seen him have been on the way back through the Vedi Gate. He is often depicted as a tall, slender man with the head styled as an octopus.

Xanthos continued the creation of the god realm from the ink from Avarreshkesha. Once the realm was created, Xanthos took his place as keeper of the Vedi Gate and the first God, Kain, stepped though.

Kain, taking their form of the mother then created the mortal realm. She created the continents, plants, and the blueprints for the first creatures.

The next god to arrive was Demorax. They completed the creation of the Afterlife, weaving it between the realm of men and gods.

The Creators: The Vedovi

  • The Vedovi are mysterious and unknown. They created the Universe and dwell outside it. The only reference in common religion is Xanthos, a Vedovi who guards the Vedi Gate.

The Gods: The Vortumni

  • The Gods were the keepers of the world. They had powers to mould and shape it and the creatures within it
  • They had not the power to create life – all life came from the creators.
  • The Gods role was to observe, challenge and encourage life to be the best that it could be. When a soul was deemed worthy after death, it would be returned to the realm of the creators via the Veda Gate
  • Some suggest that the creators were also testing the gods themselves, judging their performance by the souls that were returned. When the judge passed a soul to the Gatekeeper, he would treat her with indifference – which infuriated her

The First Order Gods

  • Xanthos: The Gatekeeper
    • Some say he was actually a creator, and not a god, and therefore more powerful than any of the gods themselves. He is always depicted as standing aside from the other gods. He provides the link between this world and that of creation
  • Kain: The Father/Mother 
    • Sometimes depicted as a man or a woman – interchangeable
    • Leader of the gods, and lord of this world
  • Demorax: The Judge / God of Death
    • She is responsible for making final judgement on the worthiness of a soul to pass to the Gatekeeper and back to the creators

The Minor Gods

  • The gods cannot create life
  • They could be the children of the major gods
    • Cyadroma and Kain >> very powerful minor god, key figure, borderline good/evil
    • No – perhaps Kain is the mother/father to the other gods – and so kain only has one aspect

Mother of Darkness

  • She is a fallen god – her fall heralded the Age of Dark Empire
  • She had been the Goddess of Compassion – she became obsessed by a mortal who seemed inconsolably sad and pained. He was terribly evil – but she felt it her duty to feel compassion for him, but she could not. She would visit him – initially though dreams, but later in body. He was clever, and gradually convinced her of an alternative way to view the universe and gradually corrupted her. As a goddess she was an immeasurably powerful
  • The Emperor had been in communion with her for many years – through her commands and knowledge he built the Empire through the golden Age.
  • Once he was sufficiently powerful – she began the next stage of her plan – and he used his influence and power to build a summoning portal. This required thousands of slaves (this helped establish the slave trade routes that are still in existence today) – he used these as sacrifices in a great ceremony that resulted in a physical form from the Veil passing through (this requires tremendous power to bring forth a being of such power). This was the Mother of Darkness, who became his wife and Empress
  • Her goal was then to take control, thus the Age of Darkness began. She ruled with an iron hand and stamped out any critics or attackers while she tightened her grip around the world. The flow of slaves increased, and she started pulling slaves from her allies – which helped trigger the resistence.
  • Her goal was to bring her son into this realm – a terrible being
  • That story is the end of the Age of Dark Empire – the League is formed, the surrounding kingdoms attack while a party attempts to seal the portal before the ceremony is complete (and another party ventures into the Veil to thwart it from that side)

The Fall of the Gods

  • Work in progress..
  • The gods were imprisoned by the Mother of darkness. However, one of the gods saw this coming and at the last moment split his/her essence and cast his shards into the soup of reincarnation
  • Most were lost to the Mother, and being self aware (to an extent) could hide themselves
  • Occasionally they are reincarnated – and often the child grows to be super special (mostly unaware of why). They are hunted by the agents of the mother when become known (both in the physical realm and the afterlife)
  • The shards have a collective consciousness when brought together – individually they don’t know the bigger picture, but perhaps another soul(s) – angels/daemons do and guard, try and get the shards together so the god can be reborn. Perhaps a daemon that was damned, but promised eternal salvation and a place in the creation if he could do this – by another god who was present when the shards were created/split


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