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Daemons are a very specific, and powerful, form of spirit in the Netherworld.

  • The Mother of Darkness found a way to awaken a soul so they became aware of their full existence through all time, and the existence of the mortal realm and the afterlife.
  • She awakened a fixed number – 1000 souls over a number of years. The ceremony to do this was complex and time consuming and required the body to be killed.
  • This awakening means these souls are forever denied passage through the Veda Gate, and turns them away from the light of creation which exists as a spark in all souls
  • Each has built a realm for themselves in the Afterlife – some grand, some small. Some daemons are allegiant to others. Some are sympathetic to the mortal realm. She controlled them with an iron fist on their creation, poisened their minds against the mortal realm and twisted them to do her bidding.
  • After she was defeated, the daemons returned to the Afterlife
  • A block was put on their reincarnation by a god?


Last Updated On October 21, 2017