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The Varyan Empire

Varya was a relatively small state which lay between present day Karpavia and Ostland Following the failed Achsharan invasion, Varyas power and influence grew meteorically. Although a relatively small kingdom at the outset of the war, they somehow had managed


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The large island of Taranus, commonly called Vestlund, lies off the western coast of Balcia. The Tarans are an isolated, introvert culture. They physically are quite unique – due to no (very little) racial intermixing. Bearded, asiatic eyes Cities Foreign


One of the most powerful kingdoms in the west, Balcia is an open and expansive realm, with trading outposts across the continent. A founding kingdom of the ancient Western League, though it can muster a strong army, it generally prefers

The Southern Belt

The name given to the kingdoms that lie between the southern sea and the mountains of the south, beyond which lies icy tundra and the ice cap. Smaller and less powerful than their northern neighbours, they are left largely to


  Cities Aacheim Hellstadt Fellheim / Fellbach Ruler TODO Army TODO Religion TODO Magic They are most staunchly against magic. It is outlawed completely – and the law enforced ruthlessly. They have the witch hunter types – have jurisdiction across

The Gozoan Badlands

A desolate region – scrub and desert Nomads and lawbreakers (specific region)  – bandit country (why bandit – perhaps that region lies close to a trade route/villagers – they plunder every now and again – more of a minor nuisance

The Free Isles

The Free Isles lie just off the north west coast of the continent, over the [XXX Straights] from Sarmatra. Cities There is a deep, secure port on the main island, and on the steep cliffs surrounding Bartuga Bay lies the


Aquistria is an ancient kingdom. One of the most powerful western kingdoms, it is also one of the most insular. Proud, arrogant and rooted in the past. Art, form and design are very important. Ancient culture. Cities Aquis Ruler TODO