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  • Large, long bodied, flightless reptiles. Slow, but can move lightning fast when they need to
  • Long lived
  • In the Spine mountain range
  • The most fearsome beasts of the old Empire were possessed versions of these (perhaps only 2 or 3 they managed to successfully possess – perhaps one is still alive). They didn’t venture far from the ancient city. They were heavily armoured – and could cut swathes through ranked troops.
  • Legend has it that they used to be winged


  • Similar to humans, but of another species
  • Large, Ogre like
  • Common on southern Taranus, their original home, a few had colonised the mountains of the south on the main continent.
  • Like to lie a rural life
  • Many were captured/enslaved by the ancient empire – they were excellent manual labourers, and could be possessed – creating fearsome shock troops for their army.
  • During the war, some offered their service to the league (perhaps they were recruited by a character in the story) – providing valuable heavy infantry.
  • After the war they were rewarded for their service, and now a few are integrated into human society – they provide excellent bodyguards, mercenaries, labourers
Last Updated On October 17, 2017