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The capital of Balcia is dissected by the river Aber, which is straddled by three great bridges. The northern half is dominated by a huge rocky crag, known as ‘The Fist’, atop which sits the Citadel, a mighty walled structure which houses the Kings Palace and Librarium, among other notable buildings. Steep streets run down the fist to the rest of the city. The south side of the Fist is a steep, almost vertical bluff overlooking the river and docks below. Stairs are carved into the cliff face, and a few buildings and temples cling to the rocks. The Kings Bridge crosses the river from near the base of the Fist to the large Temple of Kain on the south side of the river.

The rest of the city sprawls out on the southern bank and around the base of the Fist.

The city has spread beyond the walls. An area known as ‘The Liberties’ lies outside the city jurisdiction and is popular with creatives, and packed with inns and brothels (popular with travelling sailors and traders).

Bal Magna
Last Updated On October 29, 2017