After playing with Inkarnate maps, and loving their ease of use – I’ve decided that I’ll use that to do all my maps moving forwards.

The nearest competitor I could find is Campaign Cartographer – which I’d love to investigate more, as it seems more feature rich than Inkarnate. However, it’s Windows only from what I can see – and as I’m using Macs (and don’t want t bother with bootstrap or VMs) – it’s not an option.

So the only other alternatives were either (a) draw them by hand, or (b) use photoshop.

My original intention was to draw by hand, but as the maps are evolving as the world evolves I really need something that lets me tweak and change them easily. Redrawing a map by hand each time I have a new idea is something I really don’t have time for. Equally, though photoshop is of course powerful and flexible, it’s also too time consuming for my needs.

That’s not to say Inkarnate is the choice only by elimination. It’s a great product for getting great looking maps up and running really quickly.

I decided to purchase the commercial licence @$25/year. I don’t really need it yet as I haven’t released any apps that I’m selling (and am not likely to in the near future).

I really go the licence so early to get access to the new version of the software, which seemed to have some nice new features and artefacts. As time is my most precious commodity at present – I’d like to spend what little I have to devote to maps on using the latest features (to prevent having to/wanting to redo a map down the line which I’d developed in the old version of the software when I see what great features the new version has).

The new version does have its bugs though (which is fine and to be expected). However, hopefully they’ll get ironed out in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve managed to work around them for the first map I’ve done – The Isle of Gal Marok. I decided to do this to have a play around, and already it’s starting to feed into my world background and give me some ideas on ways of moving forward. The Isle is one of the many (almost infinite) places I can conjure that exist beyond the Veil in the afterworld/otherworld (name to be decided).

This is the map below. More details on the Isle can be found by clicking this link.

Isle of Gal Marok

I’ve purchased the Inkarnate Commercial Licence