The initial drive for creating the world of Alkainos was to provide a background for games.

Like the world itself, the games are still in development. I’ve done the technical work for them in creating a shared core game engine, and sample applications in both Android and Alexa.

The next challenge is actually coming up with the first adventures. I can create them in text files (JSON format), which I can then just plug into the engine.

I started one adventure, which was going to be the first part in a story arc I was calling ‘The Godstone Cycle’. It proved indispensable for flushing out the technical challenges in developing the Android app and Alexa skill, but as it developed I realised it wasn’t actually turning out to be a great game.

So I’ve paused development on that one for now, and have started a less ambitious, but hopefully more punchy one as a first release.

It’s still in its early stages, but my aim is to get a version out by the end of the year.

For now – here are a few screenshots of the Android version of my old Godstone Cycle game to get a feel for how it was coming along.