One of the reasons I liked the idea of developing my own fantasy world for my games was the opportunity to get back into drawing to help flesh out the aesthetic and background. I used to enjoy drawing in my teens, but haven’t really done much since then – and it’s always been something I wanted to try again.

I got some more rotring isograph pens (the ones I used to use in my teens), and a pad and started sketching some ideas while stuck in a Travelodge with work.

These are just some very rough sketches I started while I was starting to think about Alkainos.

It quickly became apparent though that (a) I needed more practice, and (b) I don’t really have the time.

I will still do some drawing when I can, but I’ve decided to use my photos for imagery for now. I’ve got a huge collection (being quite a keen amateur photographer) -and it’s much quicker to get something together in lightroom than with a pen and paper.

An early rendering of what became the Balcian city of Garretts Gowt


Just started copying a drawing by Ian Millar to improve my skills


Rough sketch of religious armour


Not entirely relevant – but I like tentacles 😉


An early map for one of the games I’m developing
Some, very early rough artwork